About the books

The Swashbuckler trilogy, by Kelly Gardiner, is the story of Lily Swann, who is kidnapped by pirates and finds herself caught up in some of the most dramatic events in the history of the Mediterranean Sea.

All three are now available as ebookssee the HarperCollins website for details.

Book One: Ocean Without End

Ocean Without End
Twelve year-old Lily lives on the island of Santa Lucia, somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, with her younger brother Lucas and their widowed mother.

Early one morning, Lily and Lucas watch in fear as their town is attacked by a pirate ship. The family runs to safety in a secret cave in the hills. There, later that night, Lily learns that years ago her father was taken by pirates, and may still be alive and sailing somewhere on the high seas.

As Lily sits alone on the hill and watches the pirate ship leave the harbour, she swears that one day she will find out the truth about her father and bring him home alive. But she is caught by a raiding party from the ship, kidnapped at gunpoint, and taken away on the Gisella by its tyrannical El Capitán de Diablo.

Will she ever be able to return home? What is the truth behind her father’s disappearance? Can she ever escape El Capitán de Diablo?

Read an extract: Ocean Without End

Book Two: The Pirate’s Revenge

Pirate's Revenge
Once a pirate slave, Lily Swann is navigator on the Mermaid, running the French blockade of Malta, when she learns her long-lost father may still be alive.
But before she can follow up her discovery, Lily clashes with the vile Captain Diablo, who forces her to show him the way to the famed Golden Grotto. Furious when he is unable to locate its fabled wealth, he abandons her to die in the darkness. As she battles her way out, Lily discovers the true treasure of the grotto.
But the world outside is in turmoil, as the people of Malta rise up against the French invasion, and Lily’s silver sword is soon put to the test.
Finally, after another confrontation with Diablo, Lily is cast adrift with her old adversary, Hussein Reis, in a tiny boat without oars, sails, food or water – the pirate’s revenge!
Read an extract: The Pirate’s Revenge

Book Three: The Silver Swan

The Silver Swan
In her spacious new home overlooking the sea, Lily is having trouble coping with life ashore.

Parental discipline is boring after months of a carefree pirate life, and it’s not easy to adjust to being back with her family. Everyone is grumpy and on edge, nothing she does is right, and nobody seems to believe Lily’s stories of her days as a pirate.

Then one night a fiery family argument is interrupted by a sinister knock on the door.

The world around them has erupted into war, and this time the Swann family goes into action together, as Lily faces her most dangerous adventure yet.

Read an extract: The Silver Swan

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  1. thanks Kelly it is so amzing to hear more on him and learn more about him. you are so beautiful Kelly in your pic you are so amazing and you are an incredable Author keep up the amazing writing of the book talk to you soon

  2. Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the latter stages of the French Revolution and its associated wars in Europe. As Napoleon I, he was Emperor of the French from 1804 to 1815. him and his army of 30 thousand frenchmen so he and his army came to attack Malta so lilly and the men of the mermaid where lilly had to fight off four french Guards so lilly and the men of the mermaid fought the frenchmen so Napoleon’s army are the frenchmen.
    there you go Kelly not 1 question i can not answer i am so amazing thanks for the question Kelly you are amazing

    • Good on you! That’s right. Napoleon invaded Malta on his way to conquer Egypt, and although he was only there for a week he completely changed the country, abolishing the church and the nobility and introducing education for everyone and a new legal system. But the Maltese didn’t like it and they fought back, and that is the battle in which Lily and her friends get caught up. Another great story about Napoleon: after he was captured and had to live in exile on an island called St Helena, he became very good friends with a young girl called Betsy Balcombe. Imagine being friends with the former emperor of half of Europe. There’s a book about it, called Betsy and the Emperor. If you live near Melbourne you can go to the house where she later lived (The Briars), and it is full of Napoleon’s stuff.
      Well done, Kathleen. And now you know a little bit more about him, too.
      Best wishes,

  3. Kelly can you please ask me a question about the books that i have to answer please

    • Hi Kathleen, I know from your other comments that you remember most of what happens in the books. So let me ask you about a person who is mentioned a lot but is a real person from history. His name was Napoleon Bonaparte, and the question is who was he, and what did he do that affected Lily and her friends and the people of Malta?
      Actually I recently visited an exhibition about Napoleon in Melbourne, and they had his famous hat on display.

  4. thanks Kelly you wrote them so you should know but you may forget cause of you writing new books i just love the storys and i know them without reading the back of the books and without reading the books inside

  5. there are bits of these on the back of the books cause i have read the back of the books and i read thewhole books still remember these i could tell the story for all three books without reading these i am awesome

    • You are so awesome! I think you know Lily’s stories better than me.

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