The tiny country of Malta sits off the coast of Italy – near Sicily.

The islands have for centuries offered deep, safe harbours to sailors and a perfect mid-way point for adventurers, explorers, pirates and conquerors sailing between Europe and North Africa.

Since ancient times, Malta has seen wave after wave of attacks and conquests, been caught up in global wars and local uprisings; a symbol of fortitude and independence. The Roman Empire, the Knights of the Crusades, the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire, Napoleon Bonaparte, Hitler and Mussolini – and countless nameless smugglers and pirates – have had Malta in their sights.

That’s why Malta is the perfect setting for the Swashbuckler books.

Valletta cannon
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  1. and she has a long talk with the Duchess before the boys of the mermid came back to Malta to get lilly and take her home

  2. Malta is in the books ocean without end series Lily Swann and the men from the mermaid go there to fight french men it is a really great part in the second book.

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