Welcome to the world of Swashbuckler!

It’s a trilogy of adventure books for young readers, by Kelly Gardiner. The books trace the story of Lily Swann and her adventures aboard the pirate ship Mermaid as the sail around the Mediterranean Sea and get caught up in the war between England and France.

  • Ocean Without End
  • The Pirate’s Revenge
  • The Silver Swan

If you need information on pirates, ships and naval history, check out:




There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away

~ Emily Dickinson

Original text and photos copyright Kelly Gardiner


  1. Hey Kelly how are you Kathleen Again I am writing a book any tips or any pointers to help me since you are an Author thanks Kathleen

    • Wow, Kathleen! You’re writing a book? That’s wonderful. It’s hard to give pointers because everyone thinks differently, but I think the first things is to read a lot (which I bet you already do) and even read books that you might not normally read – say if you don’t read fantasy novels, give one a go, because you can learn a lot from that.
      The second is to keep a notebook in which you can scribble down ideas when they come to you, so you don’t forget. I even have a waterproof notepad in the shower!
      And I guess the third is just to keep at it, and keep revising what you write so it’s as good as you can make it. Sometimes that feels a bit boring but it’s an important part of the process.
      I heard Lynley Dodd speak last week (she wrote all the Hairy Mclary books) and she said she does about 24 drafts of each book. I don’t do that many drafts of the longer books, but I certainly redraft many times.
      Hope that helps, and good luck with your writing.

      • thanks Kelly knew I could count on you for advice

  2. hi kelly
    i wore what lilly wore from the front cover of the second book i wore a yellow sash, light purple shirt which we made oueselves, black pants with ripped bottom parts on the legs, a plastic sword a red girl pirate a big gold earring and that is everything i wish i could post a photo on this page so you can see it

    • Kathleen, that sounds fantastic and just like Lily. I wish I’d been there to see you.
      Thanks so much fro telling me about it.

  3. hey Kelly it is me Kathleen again just to let you know my lilly swan outfit went extremely well so i just though i might let you know and yeah

    • Hi again Kathleen, I love that you dressed as Lily and am so glad it went well. What did you wear?

  4. in fact Kelly next week we are having a book and tv charactors dress up day at school and i am going as Lilly swan from ocean without end

  5. Kelly it is just a shame they are books from the school libary so i don’t really have any of my own but i would love to in fact i had a dream about the 3 books that they went from books to a play and i was Lilly that is how much i love the books

    • Hi again Kathleen,
      Wouldn’t that be a fabulous thing? Once I saw a play of one of my other books, Act of Faith, and it was so amazing to see the actors speaking the lines that I wrote. I nearly cried.
      I’m so happy that you like the books so much, and like Lily too. If you have decided you like adventure books after all, maybe the library would have some by Rosemary Sutcliff or Geoffrey Trease. Or you might like the books by Tamora Pierce about Keladry, the girl knight.
      Happy reading, and thanks for writing to me.
      Best wishes,

  6. after that i just became so into that series i love them and i m not the sort of person that much would interest me but this seris was an adventure i just loved them so much

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Thanks for getting in touch with me, and it’s wonderful to hear how much you liked the books. I really wanted to write an adventure series that girls would like to read, so it’s great to hear that you enjoyed them – especially since you didn’t really mean to.
      I hope you enjoy reading more adventure stories.
      Thanks so much for writing to me,

      • HI Kelly that is ok yeah i just wished that there were more books like them out there cause i love Adventure stories yeah it was an accident but i am happy it happened cause the books are so awesome and fantastic i just love them i will read adventure stories more often

  7. i loved the series i just needed a ook to read in rollcall t school and i read the cover which said ocean without end i said ok then i borrowed it and read it and i loved it and the other 2 in the series

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